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Friday, January 14, 2011

Teaching the Future Generation Wisdom for Daily Living

Teaching the Future Generation Wisdom
This is about giving the children of our future generation wisdom to live by daily. I would just like to share a few word of Wisdom for Daily living for our Children. It is my desire and hope that this may be enlighten to some parent raising a child or children in today society. The main focus here is concerning education. My concern is with children learn what they need to learn to make life much more enjoyable for them when they grow up. Now is the time to focus on every child all over the world in regards to their academy achievement before it too late. When children are old enough to start talking, this would be the right time to start teaching our children Wisdom for Daily Living. We can always start with teaching them gratitude and love. We should start early teaching Proverb for Daily Living such as how to LOVE and have respect for one another. When I was growing up, I did not know that I was not learning in school. I was too happy to get promoted to the next grade.
We are raising-up our future generations hopefully they will be much wiser by using wisdom for their daily living knowing how to make wiser decision in life. Our children education should be our first priority making sure they are learning at home and in school. Therefore, it is our responsibility alone with the teachers as staff to reach every child by helping them to learn so they will be successful and development to contribute back to society.
I attended an award ceremony for elementary children not to long ago. The highest number of children in most of the classes that were “A” honor roll were about five out of each class that had about twenty-five to thirty students. I know you are interested in knowing how many made the “B” honor roll. It was less. I was difficult for me to hold back the tears while learning this information. It was hurting for me to think that out of all these children and only a fraction of them made the “A” honor. The highest numbers of students received certificate was for perfect attendance. Something likes 10 and 12 students with perfect attendant. I think that great they got perfect attendant. What does perfect attendant do to help that child prepare for the future especially get into college? It is difficult for me to even imagine a student attending school and getting perfect attendance not making the honor roll. Not because it was my children but because these children are not being taught what the need learn to make a contributor to society. The certificate certified children for prerequisite when they should have been getting the best education in pre- school and elementary school, before going on to high school. If they are not given the basic training along wisdom for daily living, there future will not be as bright. It will be much more difficult for them to get into any college with a certificate once they graduate from high school. The same would apply to them going to good trade school for training to get the necessary requirement to make it in society. They will spend the next two or three years taking intermediate courses to gain entrance into a university. The wisdom is to be wise now making sure they are prepared for the future. Let us start with them at a very young age now. They will grow up to use wisdom in their daily living. This will help make this world a better place for the next generation. I am not saying they should not have a balance in their live, such as playing and being children. I just would like for it to be know that too many children are not taught in this day and time.

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