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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wisdom in observe the use of the word can’t

Wisdom in observe the use of the word can’t
It is wisdom to know that speak positive and think positive will accomplish positive results. Also, the practice of speaking certain words over an extended period of time produces positive results. If the words spoken are positive, the outcome will produces positive results. If the words spoken are negative, the outcome produces negative results. Rather than telling yourself you can’t, the results would be much more rewarding to say I can or will make an effort.

Some time it necessary to use the word can’t for example:
1. I can’t read your mind.
2. I can’t see you heart.
3. I can’t explain something I don’t know.

There are times when the word is used that produces negatives results such as:
1. I can’t do the aerobics.
2. I can’t learn that it too hard for me.
3. I can’t find my keys.

There was this very wise teacher who understood the power of words that individuals think and speak. She was very observant of how the students use the word can’t in her class. With this knowledge, the word can’t was not acceptable by the Physical Education Class Teacher who taught eighth grade students. The teacher was aware that the by practicing utilizing the word can’t they were speaking defeated to themselves. She understood that thoughts produce words and words produces action that determines the results which could affect that person future. She understood that when a person wanted to accomplish something in life that individual have to speak positive words in order to develop their gifts and talent that each individual possess.

In my opinion, this teacher used wisdom to encourage the students to think about what they were speaking because of her confidence in the student’s skills and capability to accomplish the tasks. This would build self-confidence in the students own abilities by encouraging all the students to not say they can’t. They would be able to do the aerobics, as a result, of practicing. She wanted the student to learn to say they will try rather than saying they can’t. Whatever gifted or talent, an individual may have will never be utilize by continue tell oneself I can’t.

This teacher made it a requirement for every student to learn these aerobics, such as flips and handstand, to pass the class. If they think and say they can, this would help them in the future to do simply tasks. Once they are confident in doing simple task they will be confident and willing to attempt more difficult task later in their daily living in regard to their future endeavor.

What if she would have allowed the students use the word can’t? I can imagine that most of those students are grateful for this valuable lesson taught by this teacher. She understood that she needed to look out for their best interests by encouraging the students to not utilize the word can’t. By continue usage of negative word, would prevent the student from performing their best in her class even after moving on in the future.

Of course, I just happen to be in that PE class. I am grateful also for the word of wisdom taught by my eight grade teacher. Therefore, I still practice using the word I can or I will try. I catch myself think that very word can’t find that particular item. I turn the thought around just by simply saying I know it is here somewhere. I just have look in the right place. I learn a very valuables lesson that my word and thinking plays a very important part in helping to determine my present circumstance and future. The word can is very much a part of my speaking even today in my daily living. I can do the task or I can learn to do that task.

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